There are many reviews about Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom around the web. Most of them are the focus on the upgrade from the original Mavic and the video quality. I would like to write a bit different base on my experience.

My first video camcorder was back in 2000, which was using mini cassette as the recording media. I shoot video from time to time, but always for fun but not a commercial task. Still, photography is always my focus. Although many photographers nowadays are working in both video and photos, and even all of my gears are video-capable, I am always a photo-person. My Mavic 2 Pro is a video powerhouse, and it could process some professional output, I use it to take photos most of the time.


the photo quality of this drone is unmatched (at least in this price and size). It is day-and-night compared to my previous/first drone, DJI spark, especially in low light. The details and lighting reproduction is very good, I am guessing it is because of the bigger sensor as well as the bigger lens comparing with models. The difference between the two drones is just like the smartphone’s photos vs DSLR’s photos. And, of course, the video quality different are similar, too. I am not a video professional, but I could see the huge jump of quality from Spark to Mavic 2 Pro.

I knew many people are saying the video quality of the Mavic 2 Pro is not what they expected, it is not as good as the Phantom 4, it is not using the full sensor due to the heat, etc. For me, it is already more than good enough. And I really think it is not fair to compare the quality with Phantom 4, as I will not complain about the video quality of Spark to the Mavic 2 Pro. They are not the same category. In my opinion, the Mavic 2 Pro done a good job considering it's size and price.

Unretouched photo

Fine toned in lightroom


Besides the quality, I would like to talk about how I use the drones. 70% of my fight is during hiking. Previously, Playing with Spark in mountain area is so easy. Taking it out, clicking 3 times of the power button launches it from my hand. No matter what terrain I was standing, I could fight the Spark. This is not the same as the Mavic 2 Pro. The new drone is foldable, therefore, it has to unfold every time I take it out. This is causing some inconvenient when I was hiking in some cliff or uneven path. On the other hand, the new drone is recommended to launch and ground in the flat surface but not hand, although I made it take off from hand sometimes. Overall, it is not as flexible as the Spark in practical use, due to the Mavic 2 Pro size and structure. I think this is not the problem for most of the user who is not always hiking. The Mavic 2 Pro is not too heavy, but if you combine it with 2 more battery, there are quite some weight. I usually take it with my 5Dmk4, and I definitely need a little bit stronger body if taking them to walk a whole day.

Selfie while hiking


The battery life is claimed for 31 mins. and I usually fly about 20 mins each battery. The countryside is always windy and this is draining the battery quicker, and the last 5 mins or so is using to back-to-home. I could take 10s photos and 3-5 panorama and a little bit videos in 1 battery. I am satisfied with it.


Controlling the Mavic 2 Pro is no doubt the biggest improvement over my old Spark. Flying in the urban area, the Spark will never excess 300m without interference. The video preview in the smartphone/controller will be laggy after 100m or so. It is better in the countryside, I could fly about 800-1000m without lag. On the other hand, the Mavic 2 Pro is the Superman. in the urban area, I tried to fly 1500m without any lag and interference and 2000m in the countryside. I didn't push it to the limit since I really afraid to lose this expensive drone :) 2000m controlling range is already more than enough for my use. The flying speed of Mavic 2 Pro is again, Superman stuff. It is like riding a bike when I controlling the Spark, and like riding a sports car when I controlling the Mavic 2 Pro. The drone disappears from my eyes in just a second if I pull the joystick. I am still getting used to the new speed. Beside the speed, Mavic 2 Pro does way better in windy situation comparing with Spark. This is very important for landscape shooting, which is always windy in mountain area.


Some tiny issues using this drone I would like to mention. First of all, this high-tech little thing gets sensor all over its body, but I don't understand why the sensors are disabled when I was flying it manually (sensors all up if you fly in quick-shot mode and other pre-programmed modes). Second, I don't think the position of the SD card slot and the USBC are very good. The drone has to be unfolded the front arm to access the slot. which is not OK in my always-messy-desk.

Impossible to shot this angle without a drone


I am very happy upgrading my spark to Mavic 2 Pro. The new drone let me take photos which are impossible before, and this is the most important of getting a drone in my gears. Good photo quality and great control are already worth the money for me. I missed the convenient of the Spark, but Mavic 2 Pro wins in all other areas.

If you are a photograph-focus person and do not care video too much (which is no mean of bad), Mavic 2 Pro is the drone you should get. Flying in the sky and take the photos excess the limitation of your barefoot, you will see a whole new world.

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