The newly Mavic 2 pro arrived my desk 2 weeks ago, but I really could not test it out freely due to my office work and bad weather. This weekend, I could finally go a little causal walk and play around with it. I went up to a small hill and got some drone shots, tried some time lapse, panorama, and point-of-interest of the Mavic, consumed a full battery.

The stairs up hill are really loooong.

The sky is so clear, which is really unusual in Hong Kong. I got some nice photos. The Mavic 2 pro fly really fast compared to my Spark, although the controls are basically the same, the FEELINGS are so different. I push up the joystick and the drone already become a tiny dot just a second. Another difference is the radio signal of the remote connection. In the side area of a dense urban, the spark could fly about 200m and the connection with the remote will start to be unstable. With Mavic 2 pro, the range will dramatically increase to nearly 600m. I could not fly too far before, therefore it should be safer. With this new King, I could easily fly so far, i.e. need more to be more careful and skilful.

I am still learning the new drone, and many functions are yet to be tried. This should need months of practice to be familiar all of them :)

shot on iphone

If you interested in the equipment I used, please check the links below:

- Shimoda Action X30 Backpack -----

- Shimoda Action Explore 40 Backpack -----

- Peak Design Tripod -----

- Peak Design Everyday Backpack Zip -----

- Canon 5D Mark IV -----

- DJI Mavic 2 Pro -----

- GoPro Max -----

- Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod -----